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Twisted Pig's Studly Men Porn Blog

Nasty Bearded Pigs Having Extreme Sex @ Jalif Studio

Manuel and David get a taste of Mattheiu's sweaty feet and balls
David Novak licks Matthieu's sweaty feet
Matthieu and David campare cock sizeMatthieu Paris shows his hole

This scene from Jalif Studio gives you a huge variety of hot things… You’ve got the ever studly Matthieu Paris, the hot furry cub David Novak, plus two Latinos (Macanao Torres and Manuel Roko) and a black guy (Kid Chocolate) mixed in for variety. But what’s really hot is that they’re all pretty hardcore pigs. Many of these guys like nothing better than a big ‘ol fist up their ass (especially David Novak and Matthieu Paris). In fact there’s so much fisting hole to go around that the tops get to fist more than one ass at a time.

But it’s not just fisting – these 5 little piggies like sucking on feet, they love piss – you name it and they’re probably into it. But the best part is that if you dress these guys up you could take them home to your parents and your parents would never guess all the things these guys like to do sexually. And that’s sorta of a turn on – I mean do you really know all that much about your coworkers? Maybe your boss gets fisted or pissed on and loves it? You never really know…

For more hot guys who are total pigs when the clothes come off – head over to and check out all the hot action. You’ll get rock hard watching all the perverted things these guys get into!

Five fist pigs play in the leather storeMatthieu Paris soaks David Novak's fisted ass with piss
Manuel and David have their way with Macanao Torres in the leather shop
Manuel Roko works his fist into David's hot ass

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3 February 2013 | No Comments

Sub Muscle Stud Surrenders To Hot Boy @ Dudes Raw

Ehtan Wolfe rides Buzz's tongue
Ethan Wolfe on his knees ready to service Buzz's dickBuzz on his knees worshiping Ethan's cock
Ethan Wolfe strokes his dickw hile sucking cock

While you usually think daddy/boy relationships are about a top daddy and a submissive bottom boy – that’s not always the case. You see that in action in this scene from Dudes Raw which features muscle bear daddy Buzz Isaac bottoming for boy Ethan Wolfe.

While Buzz had Ethan in a cage for a while and Ethan goes some serious service to Buzz’s cock, at the end of the day what Buzz wants serviced is his hole. And Ethan delivers on that with gusto – fucking Buzz with his pierced poz cock and giving him a load. After all, what better way for a daddy and boy to bond than with the exchange of poz cum?

I just think it’s hot that such a masculine muscle stud like Buzz would be bottoming for poz dick. I know I’d fuck him in a second if I had the chance.

If you get into seeing hot masculine men fuck raw, head over to and check out all their action – they’re real sex pigs over there!

Buzz sucking Ethan's fat cock through jail bars
Eth slides his bare dick into Buzz's hot ass
Ethan Wolfe balls deep in Buzz's hjot assEthan with his raw dick in Buzz's beefy ass

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29 January 2013 | No Comments

Bearded Latino Has Tons Of Muscles @ Muscle Hunks

Xavier's big muscled arms
Xavier's big muscled armsXavier shows off his muscled bubble butt
Xavier shows off his massive chest and inked arms

The muscle hunk you see here – Xavier from – is almost too pretty to be considered a “real man” – and 5 or 10 years ago he probably was too pretty, but now he’s clearly all man. Real men are imperfect and those imperfections are what are hot – like the scars a warrior would pick up in battle.

Bottom line some men just look hotter as they age and aren’t so pretty and Xavier is one of those guys. His tattoos look like he’s been around the block and experienced life. And his body is a man’s body – big, solid, muscular – the type you want in bed with you at night. And his beard just tops it all off perfectly.

Now if we can just get him to show his dick… ūüėČ

Like big, hunky muscle guys? Then head over to Muscle Hunks and get your fill of big beefy guys

Xavier grabs a chain
hot latino bodybuilder posing in leather
Xavier exposes his hard and muscular body

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27 January 2013 | No Comments

Handsome Athlete Gives Us The Full Monty @ Chaos Men

Bautiful young jock with inkCute young jock with tattooes
Buff young jock opens his pantsBeautiful young jock pulling down his pants
Beautiful young jock in Under Armour
Jack strokes his cock

You can find “real men” in all sorts of places – even on a jock site like Chaos Men. Yeah, “Jack” here is pretty young for the label “man”, but it’s clear that’s where he’s headed – just give him 5 years and he’ll be 100% Grade A Prime All-American Beef. Well, I guess he already meets that critieria, but he’ll be all man and 0% boy by that point…

Jack has all the makings of a good man… A great smile, a handsome friendly face, a hot body, a nice big thick dick, and a fuckable hairy hole. And the tattoos reinforce his generally masculine vibe… It all works… Very well…

Unfortunately, he’s straight and has a girlfriend who’s OK with him doing cam shows for guys, but won’t let him actually have sex with a guy. Thing is the girlfriend is “long distance”. So if he’s not actually fucking her on a regular basis but he is showing off his naked body for guys on a regular basis… Is he really all that straight? Who wants to bet he’ll be ditching the girlfriend and start “experimenting” in the near future. Well, we can at least hope, right?

Head over to to see more hot young real men – especially if you’re into “straight” guys… They have a way of getting “straight” guys like Jack to go from not having gay sex, to fucking (bareback) to actually taking loads… It’s a hot site!

Smooth young jock with tattooes
Hot young jock strokes his fat dick
Hot young inked jock with huge dickBeautiful scruffy young jock

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25 May 2012 | No Comments

Rough Pig Takes Harsh Punishment @ Fetish Force

Doc sucks Tony's fat cockDon Benway sucking dick while pissing himself
Tny pisses all over DOn Benway
Tony Buff and Doc Brenway

¬†Fetish Force want to remind Gay America that, while everyone deserves the right to get married, it’s not the only standard by which we should aspire.

Here we see an excellent example of hard-rock, bad-ass brotherhood, free of legal contracts or adopted scab eaters. Treasure Island’s no apologies Raw Rider, Doc Benway meets Titian Media’s Safe Sleaze champion Tony Buff, in this slug-fest , slop-swap that’s one for the books. They show us what man on man bonding is all about. Pit Licking, Deep Kissing, Punching, Spitting, Bonage¬†and Pissing¬†are just the Beginning at¬† – Tap it Now!

Doc Benway ready for another blow to the stomach
Tony punches Doc in the chestTony Buff gut punching Doc Brenway
Tony Buff gut punching Doc Benway

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28 March 2012 | No Comments

Young Otter Uses Fleshlight @

Hot young Dan shows off his hairy chest and pitsHot young Dan Steel plays with his cock in his underwear
Furry young stud Dan Steel shirtless
Uncut young Dan flexes his bicepsDan Steel uses a toy on his uncut cock

 Alpha Male Fuckers have an eye for talent that goes beyond a pretty face or suck-o-licious cock. They track down hot, pervy guys that ooze sex.

You might not give average joe, Dan Steele a second look, if you passed him when he has his safety lenses on…. but strip him raw, and suddenly you want to see every scruffy inch. Thank¬†God for close ups ! This boy’s sweet foreskin looks so fucking yummy, you’ll¬†find yourself¬†jealous of an inanimate object. Don’t miss his big, thick money shot, and other the Fuck-tastick studs at

Dan Steel strokes his cock with a toySexy furry Dan Steel jerks off with a toy
Dan steel shoots his load on himself and hits the couch
Furry Dan mostly naked outside on balconyShirtless Dan Steel pulls down his briefs to show bush

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26 March 2012 | No Comments